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About Rogerson Communities

Here is just some of the positive feedback Rogerson Communities has received from Rogerson day program participants, residents and family members.

“When I participate in the fitness program here, I feel better about myself.”
–Rogerson Roslindale ADHP participant Edner F. Baron

“The staff at the Brookline program have become my friends! They are very nice.”
–Rogerson Brookline ADHP participant Barbara

“If I wasn’t here, I would just be sitting at home watching T.V.”
–Rogerson Roslindale ADHP participant Kenneth Traynham

“If we didn’t have Beacon House, I don’t know where we would go.”
–Beacon House resident John Stanton

Helping Family Caregivers

A few years ago my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s has changed my dad from an independent, happy-go-lucky guy to a confused man who needs assistance in almost every aspect of his life.

I am my dad’s primary caregiver. The idea of placing my dad in an institution is unimaginable and something I do not view as an option. Caring for an Alzheimer’s patient, however, is phenomenally taxing and I knew that if I wanted to keep him at home I would need help. A few years ago I found out about and enrolled my dad in the Adult Day Care program operated by Rogerson Communities. The program has helped both of us. It has helped my dad by giving him a place to go and allowing him to socialize with people of his generation as well as providing him with disease-specific care and treatment. It has helped me by allowing me to have time to myself without having to worry about my dad’s care and safety.

When I drop my dad off at the program, the staff at Rogerson Communities greets him by name and treats him like the special person that he is. The fact that the compassionate staff at Rogerson chose caring for people with Alzheimer’s as a career makes them special. After all that Rogerson has done for me and my dad I know that if I were ever to become a man of means I would march right down to their office and say “Thank you for looking after my dad. Please use this money to help others who might be in need.” Thank you very much for your attention.

Family member of an Adult Day Health Program participant

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